/The Martyrdom of the Báb (17th of Raḥmat)

The Martyrdom of the Báb (17th of Raḥmat)

As the Báb’s message of empowerment and hope was spreading rapidly far and wide, the authorities in Persia felt threatened, declared Him and His teachings heretical, and decided to destroy His religion. However, during exile and persecution, the Báb’s influence increased further; convinced by the significance and timeliness of His teachings as well as the attractiveness of His personality, many of His captors eventually joined the ranks of His followers. Finally, powerful religious leaders demanded the government to sentence the Báb to death. Thus, in Juy 1850, the Báb who was only 31 at the time, was executed by a firing squad of 750 soldiers in the barracks-square of His prison, located within the military barracks of the city of Tabriz.