/Blessed Hemming (Cath.)

Blessed Hemming (Cath.)

Hemming, or Hemingus, born in Sweden (c.1290–1366), was Bishop of Turku from 1338–1366. He was one of the greatest bishops and rulers of medieval Finland.
Hemming founded the Dean’s office at Turku Cathedral in 1340. He also set up a school and a hospital and donated his own books to start the Cathedral Library. He vigorously defended the interests of the Church versus the Crown, helped the Church increase its land ownership and in 1352 published Finland’s first collection of Church Regulations.
Blessed Hemming was a close friend of Saint Bridget. The translation of the relics of Hemming to Turku Cathedral and his beatification there were celebrated in 1514. He was to be canonised in 1530, but the process was abandoned due to the Reformation. The Hemming reliquary is in Turku Cathedral.