/Easter Vigil, Easter Day and Easter Week

Easter Vigil, Easter Day and Easter Week

For Christians, Easter is the most important feast of all and is the basis of the entire Christian Church. Traditionally, the Church believes the resurrection of Christ to be an absolute victory over the sin and death brought into the world by the Fall of Man through Adam. The heart of the Christian confession, its inalienable good news, is the resurrection, which they believe has enabled all people to take part at the end of the world, when Christ comes again in glory. Easter is celebrated for 40 days, up until Ascension Day, the Feast of the Ascension of Christ into Heaven. Easter Week, or Bright Week as it is known in the Orthodox tradition, is a week-long Sunday. Of this week-long festival, the Finnish calendar retains only the Second Day of Easter.
Easter Sunday is one of the 24 major liturgical feasts of the Catholic Church.