The Commissions of the CORE Forum are expert advisory bodies in their field whose task is to prepare matters for the Board. The Commissions may also take initiatives on matters related to their areas of expertise. The Board may ask the Commissions to carry out tasks assigned to them by the Board. The Board shall elect the members of the Commissions. The members shall be representative of the member communities and have the necessary expertise.

Human Rights Commission

Chair: Atik Ali

Members: Ilkka Aura, Janina Hasenson, Heikki Huttunen, Yaron Nadbornik, Emma Patovuori, Jari Portaankorva, Gurmann Saini, Pamela Slotte

The role of the commission:
1. to monitor the human rights situation in Finland, particularly with regard to freedom of religion;
2. to make proposals to the committee for the promotion and implementation of human rights;
3. to comment, at the request of the Board, on its positions from a human rights perspective;
4. to communicate with human rights organisations in Finland.

International Affairs Commission

Members: Måns Broo, Laura Huovinen, Heikki Huttunen, Jussi Kemppainen, Jyri Komulainen, Tuomas Mäkipää

The role of the commission:
1. to identify international contacts of relevance to the CORE Forum at bilateral and multilateral level;
2. on the basis of above, make proposals to the Board for the establishment and development of contacts and contribute to the maintenance of existing contacts;
3. to monitor international issues and suggest to the committee issues to which a response should be given.

Religious Education Commission

Chair: Daniel Weintraub

Members: Tiina Hyytiäinen, Pekka Iivonen, Laura Iivonen-Mellais, Mina Khan, Sirpa Okulov, Suaad Onniselkä, Tapio Paljakka, Milena Parland, Antti Räsänen, Mirja Tapola, Osmo Vartiainen, Tuula Vinko

The role of the commission:
1. to become familiar with the preparations and decisions concerning religious education and to follow their implementation in practice;
2. to prepare statements for the Board for the authorities or the media;
3. to liaise with the authorities and other actors active in the field of religious education.

Communications Commission

Chair: Timo Koponen

Members: Vesa Nessling, Elina Iskala (Association Coordinator), Tiina Parkkinen, Annmari Salmela, Suvi-Tuulia Vaara

The role of the commission:
1.to  monitor the public debate and suggest to the Board issues to which it should respond;
2. to maintain contacts with the media;
3. to support the maintenance of the website and develop the content of the website;
4. to propose to the Board measures to improve the visibility and awareness of the CORE Forum.

Equality Commission

Chair: Katariina Väisänen

Members: Gölten Bedretdin, Merilii Mykkänen, Eila Ratasvuori, Irma Rinne, Sarika Saini, Yvonne Westerlund, Ilja Domnin, Matti Viitasaari

The role of the commission:
1. to promote equality and prevent discrimination;
2. to develop and maintain a plan of measures necessary to promote equality;
3. to make proposals to the committee on equality and equal opportunities;
4. to comment, at the request of the Board, on its projects/statements from an equality and non-discrimination perspective;
5. to act in order to prevent gender discrimination and promote equality between women and men;
6. to establish administrative and operational practices that ensure the promotion of equality between women and men in the preparation and decision-making process;
7. to establish and maintain a gender equality plan.